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Burrowing Owls, May 5

What a success! Thanks for having your child so prepared - it made the day so smooth!

Megan and I were so proud of every one of the children; they hiked all morning, and worked so well as a team to get us to the correct spots. When we went too far or weren't sure of the direction, we waited until everyone gave a thumbs up before we proceeded. Some were happy to let others lead, and some used their map skills to direct the group. Everyone contributed in some way, whether to the good feelings in the group or the actual mapping of the event!

Even over the course of the morning, everyone's map skills improved; for this course, it really helped to take a bearing from the map, and then use that bearing to orient yourself in 'real life', as we called it. We were able to put our compass skills to a practical use, which I'm not sure they had seen before.

There were letters at each control, which we worked hard to unscramble at the end. Ask your child what the sentence was!

We also made a 'debrief' wood cookie necklace; on it, there is a number with their favourite control on it. Find out why they liked that one best!

I would get lost with this group, anytime! What a fun bunch of humans!

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