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Burrowing Owls, May 3

We're starting to think about First Aid as part of the children's interest in survival skills. We started with a sharing circle to hear what peoples' experiences have been and what they would like to learn.

Some children wanted to go visit the Great Horned Owls and we were happy to see both of them in different trees. There were more pellets to collect and bones to find when we returned to our spot and pulled them apart.

After class had finished a few of the Burrowing Owls had an amazing animal encounter with a garter snake! Curiously, we had been talking earlier about whether snakes live on the bluff and we'd decided that it was maybe too far from any water for them - obviously not!

Connecting Questions

What First Aid stories did you share?

How did you feel during the games of card tag? What can we do differently next time?

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