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Burrowing Owls, May 19

Themes Explored:

  • storytelling as a group

  • What is our story?

  • Bird Behaviour

  • Knot and building skills

  • Paint making using natural materials

  • Obstacle course

  • Place making: public art and space making

Skills Embraced:

  • monkey's fist and celtic slammer

  • fort building, and creating a positive space for others

  • trap building; catching the magpie

  • becoming the magpie; games to help us think like the magpie (it's hard!)

  • paint making; what to use, what the binder does, finding materials for different colours

Connection Questions:

  • What did you do to become the magpie?

  • What message did you leave in the fort/public art space?

  • What was your story title for your day?

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