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Burrowing Owls, May 17

How was the Rowan Berry jelly? We picked the berries on the bluff in winter and they were stored in the freezer waiting for a good time to cook them - That day was Wednesday. The Burrowing Owls organised themselves to de-stalk the berries, with Hazel being the Quality Control Supervisor, making sure no stalks were in the pan. We had apple choppers and stirrers, everyone working together and excited to create the jelly.

Outside, we explored a new area of the bluff with a steep climb. The Burrowing Owls clambered up like mountain goats and had great fun running back down.

We started a new carving project to make canoes in anticipation of a UofC canoe lesson at the end of the year at Bowness Park. More details to come.

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