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Burrowing Owls, May 17

This week the Burrowing Owls returned to the wetland loop in Prince's Island Park that we had explored earlier in the winter. With the changes that spring brings we saw many more plants budding and animals, especially birds, active. Highlights from the day include seeing an osprey flying over the river and finding a frog near the water.

This trip to the wetland was also special because of our guest, Catherine, who is a beaver and wetland expert. She taught us so much about beavers and how they fit into riparian ecosystems, from their fur and feet to the plants they eat and the way they build their homes! Check out the picture below to see the beaver's secret entrance to their lodge, which is usually underwater but was visible because the water level is low.

Connecting questions:

- What was one of your highlights from the day? Was there anything exciting you noticed while you were exploring?

- What are the names of some of the plants you learned about and do you remember which animals liked to eat them?

- How are beavers adapted to live in the water?

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