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Burrowing Owls, May 10

Thank you for bringing the Owls to Nose Hill - we had a blast! They have so much energy, the hike didn't seem to hold them back at all!

After our orienteering practice on the bluff, it was encouraging to see them use their skills to find the controls on Nose Hill; they had to orient their maps, take a bearing from the map, then follow the bearing 'in real life'. And they were successful! At each control we had a 'minute to win it' celebration game, which brought all of our heart rates up! Get them to teach it to you at home!

As always happens when we're outside, we were surprised by what captures their interest; this time, rocks were fascinating us, and the stories that tracks were telling (coyote and deer tracks kept us moving forward, following their trail!). Owen got the award for heaviest backpack, as his was full of rocks!

Ask your Burrowing Owl:

-would you like to go back to Nose Hill and do more of the course?(I can send you the link for the map!)

-did you see anything new at Nose Hill?

-what captured your interest the most?

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