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Burrowing Owls, March 8

Fire, Animal Game, Moose and Knots...these are the highlights of our day!

We noticed that many groups last week did not have any tinder to start their fire, so we had a 'tinder only' fire challenge today. We made a lot of tinder, but it was hard to light! Roasting mini marshmallows on our mini fire was appreciated, though!

In our Polar Animal game, each child chose an animal and an adaptation; many animals grouped up with other animals, which made the game more collaborative than it is intended to be! Ask your Owl what their animal was, and what their 'super power' was!

The Burrowing Owls invented a great game that is similar to 10 Pass, but has an elimination element! We had a blast and improved our throwing and catching! They are a creative bunch!

For our Sit Spot, we tried Nordic Braiding, a four person braiding exercise that takes co-ordination and patience. This was easier for some than others! As these are skills we want to progress, we will try again next week!

Ask your B.Owl:

  • if you could change the Animal Game, what would you add or take away?

  • how do you feel when someone is talking over you? Do you do this to others? Just something to notice!

  • Did you find the rope braiding easy, medium or difficult? Why?

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