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Burrowing Owls, March 1

A new game, Where's My Dinner?, brought the class together. There were group huddles to talk strategy where ideas were listened to and acted on. During the game there were reminders to stick to the agreed strategy and play as a team. Maybe the group motivation came from wanting to beat the teachers! We liked it, no matter where the motivation was coming from.

Many of the Burrowing Owls had noticed the fog this morning and although it had mainly gone when class started it was a reminder about how we use our senses and which ones we favour as humans. Through the fog our vision is limited so sit spot had us relying on our hearing to understand what was going on around the bluff. We each created a sound map and had some alone time listening to the noise around us. Reflecting on their sit spot everyone agreed it was a peaceful time and they appreciated it.

Connecting Questions:

- What worked best for you to help the team during the game, Where's my Dinner?

- How did you feel during sit spot?

- What did you do in free-time?

- What ideas do you have for the Burrowing Owls to do over the next few weeks?

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