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Burrowing Owls, Mar 22

Our Animal Game was an interesting ecosystem today, as the Burrowing Owls tried balancing out the Savannah with carnivores, omnivores, herbivores and plants, instead of all being carnivores! there were deals and truces being made between animals that would otherwise avoid each other which led to a conversation about symbiotic relationships. Ask your Owl which living being they were and what their tactics were to survive.

We are still loving the slack line and the challenges it brings us! We are physically challenged when we have to use all our strength to stay on (others are trying to shake us off!) and we are socially challenged when we have to wait our turn, verse a variety of people, and win and lose with grace!

Our Sit Spot has been a partner experience, with Norwegian Braiding training our minds to focus, and our bodies to be still. We are definitely improving in both these areas! We called it Jedi training, and we can see how with effort everyone can be successful.

Enjoy your Spring Break! We look forward to seeing you back on April 5th!

Nordic Braiding:

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