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Burrowing Owls, June 7

We thought the heat might slow the Burrowing Owls down today...boy, were we wrong! They are insatiable when it comes to the MooseGame...we made them take a break for a slower activity!

Ask your Owl about the Rope Maze, and what they learned about themselves while doing it.

We took the time to explore some art activities, such as making our own paint, and a balanced mobile. It was hard to compete with Bryce's karate belt swinging rope - what a fun ride!

Canoe carving is proving to be a challenge; the wood is hard, and our wrists are getting sore. We are persevering, knowing how great they will be when finished! We are excited about our canoe field trip on the 21st; they are wondering if they can so swimming...the answer is no, but they are scheming to make it happen!

Thanks for filling our your waivers and returning them, along with the $10 field trip fee, for next week!

We look forward to offering more challenges next week, where the Burrowing Owls will be put outside of their comfort zone and their skills, in order to have them dig deep!

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