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Burrowing Owls, June 7

The Burrowing Owls noticed how green and lush the bluff was on Tuesday, likening it to a jungle. This seemed the perfect invitation to play a game of camouflage with so many spots to hide. We followed this with a snack of Carragana flowers which are blooming right now.

Creating slingshots and a target were the main focus of our morning. When we tested them out all the slingshots worked with differing levels of success. There was discussion about what causes the variation; the angle of the Y-shaped stick, the length of the bungees, how big the ammunition was or the ability of the user.

During sitspot Calvin noticed a bird nest in a dead branch and Chickadees nearby with food in their beaks. Next week we'll investigate further and try to get a glimpse of them, without disturbing them.

Connecting Questions

- What did you think about eating the yellow flowers?

- How did your slingshot work best?

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