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Burrowing Owls June 21

For our final day, in addition to playing Camoflauge with the parents, foraging a wild salad, playing on the slackline, and impromptu jump rope, we wrote goodbye notes to each other and created a timeline of all our memories from classes this year. Scroll down to see the highlights.

Connecting question

- Can you tell me about one of the memories on the timeline?

Playing the name game at the beginning of the year
The beautiful view of the city from the top of the bluff
The beautiful view of the mountains from the top of the bluff
The tree at our spot, which everyone loves climbing
Bob and Jerry (the two-faced pumpkin)'s funeral
Playing tireball (invented by Calvin!) together
When Queralt and Chloe made snow art and invented their own language
Our canoeing field trip
Annabelle stealing Calvin's shoes (this happened today)

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