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Burrowing Owls, Jan 27

With only 2 pictures, I will try and tell a story about our day!

Two things stand out. The cold, and the game.

The cold is a 'third teacher', one who teachers us resilience and outdoor skills. There was a moment when I thought we would need to go inside the Cabin to warm up and do an activity, but the children continued to play and forget about their coldness, so I followed their lead and silently asked them to push through, which they all did! Recovering from cold and the sadness that comes with that is such a great growth moment, I didn't want to take that away if I didn't have to.

The game! We are in a survivor challenge, and a game we know and love (Zombie Ant) we turned into Yeti Ball, where the last team member standing got points. This turned into a bit of a football game at times, but it's the most fun I've had all week. Ask your Burrowing Owl about the game and what their strategy was! Some favourite moments; Protect the Finn, Is Ms. Megan neutral? and Tackle!

Our last week of Survivor is next week! May the best team win! (in the pictures, their teammate has a bleeding, broken leg and must be moved.)

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