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Burrowing Owls, Jan 25

We had a fantastic field trip to Prince's Island! On the way there we introduced the game "Pooh sticks" and had a great time dropping our sticks off the bridge to see whose would emerge on the other side first.

We were excited to see many geese in the river as we crossed over to the island, and once we arrived in the wetland area at the east end of the park our Nature Scavenger Hunt began. We circled the pond identifying plants by their berries and dried flowers and leaves, noticing the beaver dam, and meeting plenty of ducks. Some highlights include finding a big bone, coming across a beautiful birch tree when we went off the main trail, and using the Seek nature app to identify eel grass growing in the water.

During free time the ice on the pond's surface was a big draw and plenty of time was spent "harvesting" big chunks into piles and then joyfully smashing them.

Connecting questions:

  • What were you most excited to find or learn about on the scavenger hunt?

  • How did exploring a new place make you feel?

  • Who did you get to spend time with on this adventure?

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