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Burrowing Owls, Feb 22

This is a very active class, and playing football keeps us warm, helps us develop teamwork skills, uses our strategic thinking, and keeps us resilient - we got a lot of snow in the face! We always love joining in with the Squirrels, and today was no exception. ...sledding with the Squirrels started a friendly competitive game about catching the moose or catching Gilbert (ask your Owl)! Heading inside to eat our snacks and warm up, we learned how to make our own compasses; magnetizing a needle and floating it in water turns it into an amazing science toy! Then, there was a monster in the basement...the Owls were scared as much as the Squirrels! Connection Questions: -what part of football is your favourite (throwing, tackling, scoring)? -can you teach me how to use the compass? -what is it like playing with the younger class? What do you usually do?

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