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Burrowing Owls, Feb 15

The Burrowing Owls are growing their skills in compass navigation. In pairs one person hid a treat and worked out a compass bearing and distance to share with their partner whose job it was to follow these directions to find the treat. The Burrowing Owls were given plenty of time to practice which meant they were finding the treats very quickly by the end.

Since we started learning fire skills the Burrowing Owls have built up their skills a lot. So this week we gave them an ultimate challenge which sadly might be our last fire session because there is hardly any snow on the bluff. Having snow minimizes our impact on the environment. The Ultimate Challenge included:

  1. 5 mins to prep wood (tinder, kindling and firewood) for the fire

  2. 5 mins to light their fire using flint and steels with lint

  3. 5 mins minimum to keep their fire going using only the wood they prepared.

Both groups had success. They can tell you what was easy or challenging for them.

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