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Burrowing Owls, Feb 1

The physics of sledding...there's a lot to it so we started by finding the variables needed to calculate our individual speed, distance and the time it takes to travel that distance. We had great fun trying to go as fast as possible down the short hill. Ask your child if they remember their time. We will calculate our speed and then repeat the experiment on the bluff so we can compare the two hills.

At the wetland the need to break the ice on the pond brought everyone together. The small rocks that were found weren't heavy enough to crack the ice so the class gathered larger rocks from near the river channel, a short distance away. They could only manage to carry one or two rocks per trip and were always accompanied by Ms Lea so the group had to wait until everyone was ready to go. This took some patience for the students who wanted to run back and forth. They did break the ice into a giant sheet, they called the rhino, which they wanted to move around the pond. Ask your child how they did this.

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