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Burrowing Owls, Feb 1

It was a day of exploration. We started by playing a game to remind ourselves of compass directions and then were given directions to follow to find treasure.

With the treasure successfully found there were requests to go to the bike track to check out a new place. Here the Burrowing Owls made the most of their free-time. Some were sliding and setting up the tyre swing, a snow-art drawing tour was created and shared and a new game called Tyreball invented. A lot of creativity came from the new space and the loose parts that were found.

The noise we were making in the bike track attracted the attention of the Rabbits group playing above us and we joined together for a game of Yeti-ball.

Connecting Questions

- How did you work together with your team to find the treasure?

- How do you play Yeti-ball? What did you like about meeting up with the Rabbits?

- What was different about playing in the bike track compared to our usual spot?

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