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Burrowing Owls, Dec 7

Creating and building were a major part of today's class. Some were intent on making festive decorations as gifts so I will not say any details - they may be for you!

Max, Quinn, Calvin and Elliot wanted to go sledding, but with no sled what do you do? They decided to build one, of course! There was a lot of experimentation to see how a sled could work using the limited materials they had. Everyone shared ideas and helped build. The sled didn't slide today which many shared as their thorn in our debrief, yet those same people said working on the sled was the highlight of the class. Their enthusiasm for the self-directed project was very evident.

Connecting Questions:

What was your rose, thorn and jellyfish (an uncertain or wobbly moment)?

How do you aim to improve the sled design next week?

What did you think of the tea?

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