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Burrowing Owls, Dec 14

There are a few skills we trying to hone in Burrowing Owls:

-the rules of 10-pass, which is morphing into football without the Owls noticing!

-wrestling, and using smart moves instead of just force

-observation and noticing details

The observation skills were developed with a game called Eye Spy; items are hidden in a roped off area (for example, a band aid and a pen) and they must go into the circle to find it. Your Owl can set this up at home for you!

Ask your child:

  • why did they have to use a poker face?

  • do they think they got better at the game as it progressed?

This class seems to love physical activity; with Bryce joining us today, she introduced us to some gymnastic moves on the fire hose. Thank you for being such a great coach, Bryce!

Ask your child:

  • what 'level' in the spin did you get to (from getting on the rope to spinning multiple times)

  • can you think of a game, or a move, that would work on the hose?

We also asked them what they hoped we would do in Forest School. Here are some of their ideas:

-fire making with food!



-survival activities


-animal game




We love the energy of this class!

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