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Burrowing Owls, April 26

We are expanding our orienteering skills! We added the element of 'compass' this week, and it was a learning curve for all of us! We will continue to practice using a compass with a map, and translating that into 'real time', next week!

We are excited to take our skills to the next level with a course on Nose Hill; we will be exploring there on May 10th! We will meet at the parking lot off 14th St for 9:00 am, and will be picked up at 11:45 am that day, to ensure the teachers get back in time for the next class! Let us know if there are any issues with this plan!

We are also securing our tarp skills, in anticipation of those spring rains! Ask your Owl about our carving projects...are they happy with theirs? Do they need more practice? Not to worry - we all do!

Ask your Owl if they recognize any of these symbols!

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