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Burrowing Owls, April 19

Orienteering is a mental and physical challenge which suits the Burrowing Owls well. They love to run and compete against each other and also use their brains to solve the puzzles set for them. We had some practice in drawing and recognizing orienteering symbols with one person describing a symbol to their partner, who had to draw what they heard. It seems more simple than it is!

We hope in the future to try out our orienteering skills in a new location - watch this space for details!

In sit spot we have some freshly cut wood to carve. We are grateful for its' softness. We started today thinking what will be carved, a chicken, a dolphin? Some of the Burrowing Owls knew right away and others are happy to start carving and see what this leads to. Initially the Burrowing Owls were resisting their quiet time on the bluff but when it was time to end we heard that many wanted to stay in sit spot for longer. We'll be doing this over the next few weeks and giving them plenty time to appreciate where we are.

Connecting Questions:

- What was hardest when drawing from your partners instructions?

- Are you starting to remember some of the common symbols?

- What was the new version of the Moose game we created and what do you like about it?

- Do you know yet what your sit spot creation will be?

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