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Burrowing Owls, 19th Oct

Updated: Oct 21, 2021

The changing seasons give us an opportunity to observe the bluff and the wildlife change also. Not far from the drop-off Elliot noticed a bird's nest low down in a tree. This observation led to several questions, many of which we couldn't answer there and then. One question we could answer however was "Are there any eggs in it?". Ask your child what they found.

On an exploratory walk last week part of the group found a spot they wanted to show the others so this is where we started our day. Their instincts about the new place being interesting and a good place to play were accurate as everyone took to the space and talked about what they liked about it in the sharing circle. Collectively we have made this our new Burrowing Owls spot.

Shelter building captured everyone's imagination this session. Some working on solo shelters and others on larger group spaces. We were busy beavers! The Burrowing Owls faced challenges during building; finding the right size sticks, deciding on a design, communicating their ideas to others, sharing resources, learning how to lash sticks together. There was a lot of learning happening.

A fallen tree attracted lots of climbers, providing an opportunity for risky play and sometimes stretching the children beyond their comfort zone. The climbing and balancing challenges the children took on in this space expanded their confidence and gross motor skills, while developing ways to help, support and teach each other and model effective climbing strategies.

The Burrowing Owls have decided to celebrate Halloween at our next class on Oct 26th. If your child would like to wear their costume, we look forward to seeing it. If they don't want to that is ok too.

We will have tools for carving in the tool circle if your child would like to bring a jack o'lantern to carve.

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