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Week of April 28-30

What a beautiful week to be outside! Here are some ideas for activities to continue/begin at home!

Obstacle Course: for the Owls, we have made a loop of different actions the children must do. This can be done inside or out, for all ages!

-jump over something (adjust according to age!)

-crawl under somthing

-throw and aim (a pinecone in a rope/bucket, a long stick between two trees)

-hang (from a branch, a bar...)

-balance (make a balance beam, from cushions on the floor to a log with a fulcrum in the middle)

-carry something heavy (a rock, a book, a can)

-push ups and burpees are fun to add in!

Variation: do some of the obstacles with eyes closed!

Bug Watching: observing the ants, worms and spiders that we are discovering has been wonderful! If you can find an ants nest, or a group of ants hanging out, leave some food for them and see what they are attracted to! I suggest putting a nice, juice apple piece in there somewhere! Questions that are asked (how did the ants know where the food is?) can be researched together.

Kitchen: With the many seeds and grasses poking out, now is a great time to bring out a mud kitchen! It sounds messier than it is. With pots and bowls and a wooden spoon, your child can add all the loose natural parts they can find. Old tea leaves and coffee grounds make a wonderful smell, and water is always welcome. Using a carrot peeler to peel sidewalk chalk into the pot adds colour! I suggest a work glove or gardening glove on the hand holding the chalk.

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