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Wednesday, April 22

Today classes explored more about the bugs we have been seeing now that the weather is spring like! This class was all about ants, as we built our own ant we learned about their anatomy and they became a great loose part to play with. Some of the children went and built homes for their ants while others put on a theatrical performance. Our spot is very close to an ant hill so we also got to observe and catch a few ants. Next class we will continue with our bug themes!

At home activities

Build your own ants! We used three pieces of wood (1x1 cut up) and drilled holes through the centers, we used nails, wire and nuts to add most of the feature and then used a rope to secure the three body parts together. (pictures in blog)

Ants vs Chickadees

The children were ants and they had to gather food (mini pylons) while we tried to tag them. They were only safe in their nest.

Sneaky game

Have someone sit with their eyes closed and an item behind them, while the other people sneak up one at a time to grab the item without being heard. If the person sitting down hears them they point in that direction and the sneaker must start again.

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