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Wednesday, April 15

We are enjoying playing games with this group, getting them moving together and working together! After our games, we built more robots together. This time, we used the drill to make eyes for the robots, and the saw to make a straight mouth. The children are really improving their skills and confidence! Some were so creative, and added TV's for their robots, legs and antennae. The morning class had some time to play in the snow (mini-sticks and sliding) but the afternoon class discovered a worm and an awakening ant's nest! It was exciting to wonder with the children about the worm and the ants:

* do worms have eyes?

* how do they dig?

* do all ants bite?

* where is the queen ant? * can worms climb?

* do worms live alone?

Have some fun finding out these answers together! As we welcome back these critters, we will spend some time just exploring and playing with these interesting creatures next week!


Game: practice physical literacy with throwing! Line up stuffies, cans, shoes (anything!) to knock over with something soft (socks rolled up works well!). A hula hoop is the next level (get the ball through the hole - you can also make a circle with a rope in a tree), and trying to get the ball high in the area over something (a rope, a branch) is the last level!

Robots: Continue to explore using wire, string, and metal loose parts such as bolts, washers, screws, paperclips - anything! Sit Spot: Go on a discovery walk! With the warmer weather, we should be able to spot some real signs of spring! What bugs can you find? Spend as along as you can observing it; what is it doing? what do you wonder about it? Where is the best place to find bugs? You can draw a picture of it, and take pictures of it, and send them in! We'll share them with the rest of the class.

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