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Tuesday May 5

The morning class continues to work on and improve their forts, some are continuing to build items such as fire pits, or pot holders. The forts of created home bases which has lead into teams and sword play. This class we focused on doing an obstical course while holding onto a sword! The afternoon class has been observing the all the new plants and bugs near our spot. We made a butterfly to play with and in free time there was lots of identifying our favorite edibles have have sprouted! Both classes are exploring beads and wire so keep an eye out for projects coming home!

At home activities

Sword obstacle course

Set up an obstacle course but hold on to your sword the whole time, arming crawling under objects, balancing on logs (or dueling on logs) and hanging up an old pillow that you must hit and dodge (a pinata would be the most ideal!)

Butterfly craft

We looked up butterflies we would find in Calgary as our inspiration and then painted peg dolls, used wire and beads for wings and antennae

Rob the nest

Everyone has a nest of items (socks or stuffies) the goal is to have the most items in your nest at the end of the rounds. A round is usually 1 min because everyone is trying to run as fast as they can to gather the items (one at a time) and bring it back to their nest. There is no guarding or tagging just running to collect.

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