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Survivor, March 17

Our themes today were compasses and knots! We began with trying to sharpen our focus with an Eye Spy game, and moved on to compass reading. Each team created a course for the other to follow, which ended in a food cache. The survivors at least have a little food now to sustain them! We also learned two new knots and used these knots in two activities. We learned the double half hitch to secure a hanging rope (the children were all so brave in using the rope to get over a crevasse!) and the bowline to secure a child to a tree (in a game of tag, I promise!)

We had a very honest and open discussion after our last game; it seemed there was a lot of competition, and the games were becoming less fun because of all the competition. We decided, as a group, to take our the points systems and become one large group again, surviving in the wilderness! Next week we're all on the same team, learning skills and having fun together. It will be our last week together! (sorry, there's only one picture!)

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