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Squirrels - Tuesday Oct 24

Today we plunged into winter wonderland! The squirrels were troopers in the cold and we had so much fun in the snow! Thanks for dressing your squirrel for the weather.

We had to re-explore our spot because it was so different from the snow and there were so many wonders to be found; a snow fort, a fairyland, the perfect sledding hill and our best discovery: The leaves still on the trees were coated in a thin layer of ice.

The snow kitchen was in full force with some new colored powder, creating explosions of colour all over the place and making coloured snow cones, soups and cakes. We also practiced our sharing because there were only a few coloured powder shakers, so we had to pass them around since they were so popular. Another addition was little cones, that the squirrels loved to make snow cones with.

Sledding down our little hill on chicken feed bags was also fun! Everyone liked doing it, and testing different methods: bellyboggining, sitting, or on your knees. The kids were like magnets collecting into a traffic jam, always running into each other!

We had a snack in the cabin and read a book and then played a memory game the kids loved.

In the bikepark, we marveled at the pretty bushes covered in powdery snow. Then we tested all the jumps- we had to find the best slide.

Thank you squirrels for a great winter day, great job in the cold!

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