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Squirrels, September 7

The Squirrels had a beautiful first day back, and, for some, a first day ever of Forest School! We are a merry band made up of 10 students, and 3 guides (Celine, James, and Mika). Though there were some tears at the beginning of the day, the students and staff were excitedly playing and exploring their space in no time. By the way, did you know that a squirrel's nest is called a drey?

After settling into our spot, we read a story about two unlikely friends, and found that we too have lots of similarities and differences, likes and dislikes, and things to learn from each other as we begin this season of wonder and play together.

After snacking, and we discussed the rules and structures we would have a class to keep everyone safe and have the most fun. One of our main rules being to stick together and gather up when needed, we practiced this skill in a game of Camouflage, where Celine and Emery made catchers (see pictures below).

How many Forest Schoolers can you see?

During free play time, many projects were taken up according to each one's own inspiration. Rainbow cupcakes, a wooden robot, and swing sets were just a few of the creation that came about. Some worked together. Some struck off independently. Based on the success of this time, Celine and James will be adding more activities for this time of free play.

At the end of our time together, we swiftly cleaned up and visited the Sunnyside Community Orchard, where we harvested 1 apple each from a tree of our choosing. We searched for the elusive red apples, but found the prolific green and yellow apples to be crisp and tart. This second snack gave us energy for our closing activity: a sharing circle where we selected a highlight from the day. There were many happy memories and moments to choose from. Some are highlighted in this blog! Chat with your child(ren) to see what they selected as their highlight from today.

See you next week!

-James, Celine, Mika

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