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Squirrels, Oct 12

Since it was a little bit chilly this morning we decided to play some games to warm up. These were a highlight and taught us a lot about sportsmanship and being flexible with each other!

We started with Red Light Green Light and everyone was a good sport and found trying not to move funny. Someone suggested Octopus Tag next and it was really popular. The Squirrels liked coming up with different strategies to get past the tagger.

Before that we had a snack and read a story at our drey (Squirrel nest). The story was called Pigeon Finds a Hotdog, and some found it quite funny. Good insights about sharing also came up in our conversations about the book.

During free time some children played mud kitchen. By putting dirt, sticks, and berries in different bowls, cups, and kitchen tools they created "food" for a tea party . The tea party had all kinds of things to eat and stuffies came to enjoy the party.

We also introduced a new tool in our tool circle today! We brought three pocket knives and supervised the three children whose turns it was to use the knives.

Mr. James has been bringing his ukulele to forest school and everyone is always taking turns with it. Mr. James plays the ukulele and has even taught some kids the C chord. We walked down the hill a little early to sing a repeat after me song and sing a funny action song.

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