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Squirrels, Nov 16

We had a beautiful day playing around the bluff! First, we explored the dray (our "nest") to see what has changed with all of the snow and snow melt over the last two weeks. Follow along with the photos to see all that we got up to.

Adelyn is a confident climber and explored the highest parts of our classroom.

We encountered dragons and sewer monsters in this bluff city infrastructure.

Who needs a toboggan when the snow is this slippery? We spent a long time climbing up and down this slope, and found many different ways to slide down. A snow shovel proved to be a great vehicle to ride!

We made our own tea! Spruce needles and poplar buds taste great!

We learned how to light matches properly, and safely. We also experimented with what lights well and how to handle it when it is on fire!

See you next time!

P.S. Lost and found. Are these yours?

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