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Squirrels, Monday Sept 18

We started class with the classic forest school game of Coyote-Mouse. The Squirrels were quick and easily darted away from the two hungry coyotes trying to catch them. Some of the Squirrels tried being coyotes and catching their class mates. Ask your child if they preferred being a mouse or a coyote.

At our spot we asked the children if they could collect 5 leaves of different shape and colour to make a necklace with. Bryn and Arya worked through some math problems as they were collecting counting how many leaves they already had and how many they needed to get to 5.

Free-play was filled with creating cake and other yummy delights in the mud kitchen, climbing trees, learning to hammer nails in the tool circle, playing family in the shade of the largest tree. At the end of play time we had several requests to do it all over again next week and we will!

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