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Squirrels, May 24

This week the squirrels made a new furry friend, went on a bug and dandelion hunt, made dandelion bread, cooked up a mud feast for our stuffies in the kitchen, and had a long imaginary battle that everyone became involved in.

The bugs were an exciting opportunity to learn more about the environment on the bluff and connect with some of the creatures who live here. We caught a few tiny grasshoppers and a little spider, set up their bug home with sticks, grass, and leaves, and let them go with grateful goodbyes at the end of the day.

Making the dandelion bread gave everyone an opportunity to be involved as we gathered the flowers, and took turns adding ingredients and mixing the batter. We look forward to tasting what we mixed next week after Celine bakes it!

The imaginary play in the kitchen and with the battle continues to build our creativity and social skills. We also enjoyed being hands on with clay, working our fine motor skills and coming up with individual creations that ranged from a robot and a family of snakes to flower pots and rattle for James's baby.

See you next week Squirrels!

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