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Squirrels, May 10

The bluff is truly bursting with greenery, everywhere. On the way up the hill we had a sensory scavenger hunt. You got a card and had to look for something such as, something orange, or something slippery.

At our spot we had a snack and read a funny story about the rain with very few words but lots of pictures so you could see what's going on. With all the fresh greenery we are learning to identify edible plants such as dandelions, alfalfa and creeping bell. They are quite delicious and together in a salad, so that's what we did. We split into teams and gathered using the common gathering rule, if there's ten take one. Celine had brought from home a dressing which we added on top, not everyone liked it but we had some salad lovers who made more for seconds.

In their free time, some kids picked salad ingredients for more salad, in a special spot, While others played imaginary games with stuffies. There was also painting, tree climbing, sewing and ukulele playing.

We finished with rose and thorn, a discussion about our favourite and least favourite parts of the day. On the way down the hill we played kingsland- A game where the kings guards wait for the signal to catch the lazy peasants, then the peasants have to run. There was even time for a quick game of redlight, greenlight. And no rain until the last five minutes- a great day.



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