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Squirrels, March 1

We had lots of snow and a blue sky, a recipe for fun. We quickly found out that zombie hill was the best spot for sledding and started there. Today we had little tiny brightly coloured cones, perfect for bowling using us as balls. Everyone grabbed chicken food bags, our best sled material and we had a group one!

We quickly realized how hard it was to climb a steep hill and hold a sled at the same time. So we tied a rope onto some trees and created a safety patrol group! After that everyone could climb up with a little help.

And we also had some snacks! We had some little chefs cooking up a storm of snow cones (snow in plastic cones). There was every flavor of ice cream you can imagine. All the talk of eating ice cream made us hungry so we decided to have a real snack.

And we had a new letter from Scrappy, our squirrel friend and since we can't reach her drey (squirrel nest) she suggested building an igloo or a quinzee . Then we could get warm and maybe Scrappy could even visit us.

Inspired by Scrappy's letter we headed to our winter drey to build. Freetime at the winter drey included sledding, snow kitchen, and igloo building with yogurt containers. For our final activity we had a two minute sit spot where we looked, felt, tasted, listened and smelled.

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