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Squirrels, Mar 8

*We welcomed a new student to our class today, and are now up to 8 Squirrels, plus Mika, James, and Anne or Rikia while Celine is recovering from a bad back.*

Today was all about creation! Today we encountered and took part in the making of snow sculptures, finding buried treasure, beading bracelets and necklaces, a fashion show for our stuffies, and eventually death defying plushies hanging over the stair railing.

The day began with an exploration of a unique resource: packed snow. With saws, files, shovels, and carving tools in hand, we played in the snow at our drop-off spot for a long time. Some of us looked for buried treasure, others built complex cave systems decorated with toothpicks. All of this took place while we shared, followed safety protocol, and explored the physical properties of the snow.

Next, when we started to get chilly, we decided to have a race to the cabin, and even tried lifting the sled as we portaged our way through the bush of Sunnyside.

Some of the first Squirrels to arrive warmed up James' car, acting as block heaters. To quote a Squirrel, "I will keep your car warm. You can open up the hood and I'll fart on it."

Once inside the Cabin, we took part in a few activities:

-Snack and story;

-Putting on a fashion show by making warm clothes for our stuffies;

-Beading yarn into designs of our own choosing;

-Using yarn to dangle stuffies over the edge of the stairs;

By the end of it all, we were quite curious about what the backyard had to offer, and once we were suited up paid a quick visit to this land of wonder (there's a tub!)

Until next time!


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