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Squirrels, Jan 18

Welcome back to another exciting week with the Squirrels! We were treated to another set of letters from our friend, Scrappy the Squirrel. She taught us about pine cones and spruce cones, and even showed us how to get the seeds out. Do you know what a pile of squirrel leftovers is called? A midden! These piles can be found next to the corncob-like remains of freshly munched cones.

After munching on some cone seeds, as well as our own snacks, we had story time, where we saw animals of the forest working together to arrive a surprise birthday party! Later, during free time, some of us helped make meals for the stuffies, who sat down for some fine dining.

We have been exploring what happens when you boil snow... How it changes into different forms of matter. We also saw that snow melts when you add salt, but we are not yet sure why that happens...

We continue to gain confidence in our climbing, exploring, and understanding of the world around us. Thanks for tuning in!

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