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Squirrels, Feb 15

Today The Squirrels welcomed some new people to the class; Because Ms. Celine hurt her back, Ms. Rikia and her son joined us, as well as a new student. The squirrels were quick to show them the ropes and introduce them to our "drey" (a drey is a squirrel's nest).

We did a fun craft, decorating sticks with brightly coloured yarn to make a stick-bouquet for Ms. Celine. Some students were very creative with techniques and very carefully deciding on colours.

After all the sitting around we decided to play a game to warm up. We played the classic Red light, Green light with an icy spin. It is difficult to quickly stop on ice patches! Of course everyone wanted to be 'it', so everyone had to judge how fast they could go without running the risk of being caught! After our game we decided to have a snack break and read a book.

The squirrels are quite interested in birds, so we read a book called A-Z Birds with a bird named for each letter of the alphabet. After that, being inspired by how much kindling the Burrowing Owls class made before starting a fire, we decided to chop a ton of kindling in preparation for some fire building.

The squirrels did a great job of multitasking, holding the knife and banging the top of the knife to make the wood split. Once we had enough kindling to start our fires we split into teams to pick a shape and start it. Some people did the pileup (quite literally) and others did the log cabin or the star fire.

The squirrels did amazing at lighting the fire and we had three small fires at one time all thanks to the hard work. Some of the squirrels even continued fire throughout free time while others climbed or baked in the snow kitchen.

-The Squirrels

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