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Squirrels - April 2

We accomplished a lot of things today, the squirrels carved, adventured, did a craft, and more. Back in our regular spot today, we read a book about birds while we had a snack. Then we did a craft where we made a bird in their nest using different colours of construction paper, coloured feathers, and gems of eyes. The squirrels worked hard on their birds, colouring them, cutting out beaks, and naming them. Next the squirrels wanted to play games, so we played What time is it Mr. Wolf and Where's my dinner? We worked on not grabbing the fish right away and waiting for everyone to get close and turning after saying where's my dinner when you're it. It is challenging for some of the squirrels to wait for everyone and use strategy and not just grab it on impulse. Free time included candle carving, tree climbing, games, forts and conversation with friends. Most of the squirrels wanted to go adventuring, so we hiked up the hill and walked along the top, on the way to our secret spot. Doing some laps, sliding down the hill and climbing back up at our secret spot, we then found some bushes perfect for houses. Picking bedrooms, and exploring the squirrels enjoyed free time in a new spot. Then we slid down the hill and Leviya suggested we be ninjas, so we snuck along the bottom of the bluff and surprised Ms. Mel! After a quick game of blob tag, we headed down the hill while collecting 

materials we would have in our bird's nest. See you soon, squirrels!

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