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Red Squirrels, May 7


-Noticing the new plants appearing

- Practicing using all our senses to identify trees

-Group games

- Tools and Kitchen

-Telling stories

Skills embraced:

- Learning to find specific plants based on their leaf shape and how they grow. Using leaf rubbings to create a visual to refer back to when identifying our new plants. Tasting some of our new plant friends

- Trusting our partners to lead us blind folded to our tree and using our hands or smell to learn about our trees. How thick is the trunk, what does the tree bark feel like, is there lots of branches?

-Continuing to practice our tool etiquette, carving, hammering and drilling

- Taking turns story telling and using other classmates ideas to make a group story

Connection questions:

What part of the spoon and golf ball obstacle course did you find challenging ? Were you able to find your tree ? what techniques did you use? Did you like the taste of creeping bell flower?

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