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Red Squirrels, May 16

The bottle rockets worked! Everyone was a bit surprised when the first bottle rocket shot into the air and became very excited to try some more! At first there was a lot of chaos with different ideas and everyone wanting to do it at the same time. After putting in some safety precautions we were able to have fun with out an explosive cork hitting anyone! We experimented with lots of vinegar vs baking soda, which one to put in first and different angles to shoot the rocket at. Ask your Squirrel which variation they tried or new ideas they brought to the group.

After all the excitement we collected the pedals from the dandelions and had some tea, ask your Squirrel if they enjoyed the flavor? Then we also made a mini field guide of the edible plants we have found so far, Alfalfa, dandelion and creeping bell flower. During free time there was robot making, beading and fort building! It was a beautiful and fun last class with the Squirrels.

Next week the Squirrels will be doing coke and mentos rockets with Ms. Lea!

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