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Red Squirrels, Jan 8

Themes explored:

Fort building; structure planning, material strength determination, team work.

Tracking and footprints; finding tracks in the snow and identifying animals, drawing footprints of different animals in the snow and discussing features of footprints to identify.

Animals habitats; which animals live on McHugh bluff and which do not.

Skills embraced:

Matching and identifying; matching footprints to animals worksheet.

Drawing; drawing some footprints on paper as well as in snow.

Carving; beeswax candle carving.

Oral storytelling.

Hatchet use, cutting branches off Christmas tree.

Structure building; building fort and hut with logs, branches, string, etc.

Inclusive play, embracing new members of class in play and coordinating different ideas in play.

Connection Questions:

What animal tracks did you discover in the snow? And which animal tracks did you draw in the snow?

What is the fort you are building for? What new materials did you use for fort building?

Did you make snow cakes in class?

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