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Red Squirrels, Jan 22

Themes Explored:

Animal Tracks; feet and footprint matching activity.

Challenges and reaching new heights; rope climb challenge.

Safe play; snow conditions discussion.

Listening to the sounds of the forest.

Candle carving.

Fort and protectors; sword play, fort building.

Skills embraced:

Overcoming challenges, accommodating others, knowing one's limits and

finding a sense of achievement on rope climb.

Identifying animals by their tracks, noticing features of animals feets that make their unique tracks.

Identifying birds around us.

Categorizing and noticing similarities and differences; footprint matching.

Ropes and knots; making a trap in the trees.

Axe and saw skills, cutting Christmas trees.

Creative tactile play; snow kitchen.

Imaginative play and social play, fort and protectors game. Children managing inclusion of others with limited space in the fort without adult interference and inventing games to include everyone.

Caring for each other and encouraging each other.

Carving skills, candle carving.

Connection Questions:

  • Did you match the feet with the footprints? Which ones were tricky?

  • Did you guess the snowshoe hare in the story? What is something interesting you learnt today about snowshoe hares?

  • Did you climb really high on the rope climb? Was this higher than you have ever climbed before? Was it difficult to get up there, was it fun to slide down?

  • What did you like about playing in the fort? What were you doing in the game, did you protect with a sword, were you blocking up holes in the fort to keep out the snow?

  • Did you have fun playing the catapult game?

  • How is you candle carving coming along, did you bring it home today? Are candles hard to carve?

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