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Red Squirrels, Jan 15

Themes Explored:

Soldiers in the Battle of the Plains of Abraham in 1759, winning the battle, surprising the French by being able to climb the cliffs at L'Anse au Foulon.

Commendation for courage and celebration of achievement with a soldier's hat awarded after the great feat.

Fort/shop building.

Animal tracking and identification.

Strength and teamwork.

Skills Embraced:

Rope skills and practice tying knots.

Saw and axe skills.

Identifying animals from their tracks and behaviour.

Courage to attempt physically challenging feats, like climbing the big hill and

resiliency and positive self encouragement throughout.

Helping and encouraging each other through challenges.

Initiating games and finding roles or adapting games to include others without adult involvement.

Connection Questions:

You pretended to be a British soldier led by General James Wolfe in class today, climbing the cliffs at L'Anse au Foulon to surprise the French army and battle them to win control of Canada for the English at the Battle of the Plains of Abraham? Was it hard climbing the hill? Did you enjoy imagining the battle and playing catapult at the end of class?

Did you use a Christmas tree as a paintbrush to mark your trail on the hill? How did you do this?

Did you shop at Talia's shop, if so what did you buy...more wholemeal single slice strawberry bread like Cosma?

Did you have fun building with the logs, ropes and string, what did you build?

Did Cole save you from the slippery slope with his rope tying skills? Was it fun sliding?

Did you use an axe to cut the branches off the Christmas trees? Was that difficult to do?

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