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Rabbits, October 10th

We are thrilled to welcome Celine as a permanent teacher to our Rabbits class! It was fun to show her what we have been up to so far this year and have her get to know, or reconnect with us.

As usual we got going with some of our favourite games. The Rabbits seem to especially enjoy games that require working together. Team work for the win!

I have also noticed that our group is spending more time making and creating. Today we worked on making a weaving loom by bending wood and using yarn to wrap, weave or tie onto our wood frame. The Rabbits were very creative and spent a lot of time on these projects. This also morphed into some experimenting with making a bow using bendy wood and yarn.

The water colour paints were popular during free time and some of us assisted the Rowls class in doing some heavy lifting using a pully system they rigged up. We also enjoyed some rosehip tea, made from the berries we harvested last week!

We read a story, did a sit spot activity and debreif of our class, which are core routines we aim to do each week.

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