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Rabbits, Oct. 25th

The first class with snow is always memorable! We of course had to make the most of it with a snowball fight. It started with kids against teachers and lapsed into Rabbits against Coyotes. So fun!

Once we arrived at our site we pulled out the sleds - a.k.a - dog food bags and decided as a class where we should venture for the best snow. We headed down the hill and tried a few being too steep; one not having enough snow; to a perfect slope. Not uncommon with this class, the sledding evolved into imaginative play that had to do with capturing prisoners and pushing them off a culvert - exercising their imaginations as much as their agility. We also created some fun obstacle courses on the slope. With increased confidence we ventured a little further to find something a little larger and a little steeper. There were conversations about safety and personal comfort levels and everyone tried the new hill at their own speed and lots of excitement.

We settled for a snack and shared what our costumes are going to be for Halloween. Julien made it into a fun guessing game and everyone had a chance to tell the group about their costumes. Conversations about costumes continued as we headed back to our regular spot.

When we got to our spot we uncovered a number of pumpkins! We spent the remainder of the class decorating, carving and dismantaling pumpkins. We used carving knives, saws, drills, hammers, spiders, flowers and beads. The group shared tools, pumpkins and ideas while imaginations took flight once again to the tune of characters from the movie Hocus Pocus. The kids weaved in and out of story telling, solving technical problems with the tools and involving one another in their creations.

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