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Rabbits, Nov 2

Updated: Nov 2, 2021

We enjoyed the pumpkins that were brought to school today - they were hard as a rock and so much fun! We played Capture the Flag, and the pumpkins were the flags! Some in this group had never played before, so developing a strategy with their teammates was new and very important. Learning the different roles (offense - a runner, defense - a guard) also turned out to be important, and the team seemed to take turns being each other these things. We were impressed with everyone's sportspersonship - there were no hard feelings when the blue team won in a tense two on two battle. Ask your child what this was like!

The tool circle was more in use today as the children made arrows and spears to shoot at the pumpkins - there was a lot of discussion and brainstorming over how to make a sharp point on the end of the spear, specifically how to attach the pointy end of a screw to the bottom of a spear. Some tried pipe cleaner, some tried yarn, some tried making a hole for the screw head...these are all great ideas!

Connection Questions:

What worked best for getting the arrow or spear into the pumpkin?

What is a good strategy in Capture the Flag? How does it feel to win? How does it feel to lose?

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