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Rabbits - November 28

Updated: Dec 4, 2023

We had a great morning exploring Prince's Island. It was fun to explore a new environment and try something new with our group!

The Rabbits reviewed our safety rules and expectations for the trip, then with the sun shining began our walk over the bridge.

Rolling down the grassy hill was delightful and the big open space was great for games. We played toilet tag, and learned a new one called Rock, Paper, Scissors - Run!

Next we found a spot among the trees grass and foliage to enjoy our snack while reading the book Ducks Don't Get Wet, which was full of interesting information about ducks.

We looped around the wetland area east of the bridge and saw a number of signs of beaver activity in the area, many ducks and geese, and even spotted a small muskrat swimming near the shore, much to our delight!

A scavenger style hunt checklist inspired us to look closely at our surroundings and learn the names of the native plants that we were surrounded by. We found some scat, a part of a wasp nest, and many other treasures along our walk.

On the way back we collected large stones to throw into the ice, then used some large sticks to do some ice play and exploration. We threw sticks over the bridge and watched them travel down river.

The Rabbits did great on our first 'field trip' and Celine and I hope to do more of these walking explorations in the community in the new year.

Check back to the blog for more pictures to be added soon!

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