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Rabbits, Nov 17

At the beginning of this class, we talked the children through a verbal safety check; we decided it was too windy to go into our forest, which has a lot of dead branches and standing dead trees (which are so important!), but which could blow over on our heads! We headed to the local field and playground for some windy adventures!

Playing Capture the Flag with the rules the children had come up with last week kept them warm and invigorated. A start on our totems, which bear the animal we have chosen that is like us, will be continued in the coming weeks as we get to know our animal and increase our carving skills.

The environment is the third teacher at Forest School, and the wind gave us an opportunity to try out some kids and parakites, which helped us experience the strength of the wind!

Thanks for having everyone bundled up so well - we'll have a great winter together, I know it!

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